Working with us


Open postdoc positions:

Mechanics of self-organized multicellular systems – Mechano-genetic patterns

Graduate Students: We are recruiting for the 2023/2024 academic year. All backgrounds are considered. Please contact PF Lenne directly for further information pierre-francois.lenne<at>univ-amu<dot>fr

Post-doctoral fellows: We are looking for 1-2 post-doctoral fellows to join ERC and ANR funded research projects. Project areas are flexible but specific needs are in the areas of tissue morphogenesis and optical imaging.

Please contact the PF Lenne directly at pierre-francois.lenne<at>univ-amu<dot>fr for specific details. Be sure to include a CV and specific description of your research interests and why you are specifically interested in our group. Inquiries without these materials will not be considered.