Living in Marseille

Our lab is located in Marseille, second most populated city in France, surrounded by the shores of the Mediterranean Sea and several massifs of Provence such as the Etoile, Garlaban, Sainte-Baume, and last but not least the Calanques Massif. 

We have the chance to work in the Luminy Campus of Aix-Marseille University, which is located at the heart of the Calanques National Park. Directly from the lab, we can reach the Belvédère de Sugiton by a 25 minutes walk, which is one of the most scenic spot of the Calanques overlooking the sea.  By a 45 minutes walk, we can enjoy swimming either in the Calanque of Sugiton or in the Calanque of Morgiou and by a 1 hour walk, we can reach the top of Mount Puget, which is the highest peak of the Calanques. Pushing further the hike few more hours enables to reach the small town of Cassis and the Port-Pin Calanque, to again swim and dive in shallow waters.

Living in Marseille offers great opportunities to practice outdoors activities such as hiking, sailing, diving, rowing, climbing and road-cycling.

Lab hike on the Sainte-Baume mountain, which enables to contemplate the Ste Victoire and Mount Aurelien Mountains, and even the Verdon and Alps far away in the horizon!