Pierre Recouvreux

pierre.recouvreux 'at' univ-amu.fr


Current work

I study different aspects of C. elegans embryo development using quantitative live imaging, simple modelling and numerical simulations. In collaboration with Vincent Bertrand at the IBDM, we focused on Wnt signalling. We looked at the distribution and dynamics of the ligand and its receptor in live embryos and tried to understand how signalling can occur on a timescale shorter than the cell cycle to direct the division axis of neuronal precursors. In collaboration with Ed Munro and JF Rupprecht we study the interplay between adhesion molecules and the actomyosin network during the formation of new cell-cell contacts in the early C. elegans embryo. We develop new microscopy approaches to image with high spatiotemporal resolution the formation of new contacts in the embryo.